QCrypt 2014

4th international conference on quantum cryptography. September 1–5, 2014 in Paris

Quantum cryptography aims to achieve security from fundamental physical principles, such as the quantum mechanical phenomena of entanglement and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. In the last few years, significant progress has been made in the theoretical understanding of quantum cryptography, and its technological feasibility has been demonstrated experimentally. Quantum cryptography is therefore regarded as one of the most promising candidates for a future quantum technology.

The annual conference on quantum cryptography (QCrypt) is a conference for students and researchers working on all aspects of quantum cryptography. The main goals of the conference are to represent the previous year’s best results and to support the building of a research community in quantum cryptography.

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Next conference in the series

QCrypt 2015 will take place in Tokyo on September 28 (Mon) – October 2 (Fri), 2015.
UQCC 2015 is also held in the morning of 28 (Mon).


Public event

On Tuesday, September 2, 6-8 pm, a Conference and Round Table Discussion was organized on
“Thirty Years of Quantum Cryptography” with Charles Bennett, Gilles Brassard, Artur Ekert, and Peter Shor.

Key dates

April 28 (Anywhere on Earth): deadline for submission of paper abstracts (passed)
June 16: notification of acceptance (passed)
June 23: deadline for submission of poster abstracts (passed)
August 25: deadline for submissions for the hot topics session (passed)
August 27-29: PCQC Inauguration Workshop
September 1-5: conference

Satellite workshop

Inauguration of PCQC, August 27-29, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris. More info

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