All the posters can be put in the poster room for the whole conference period. The posters with the odd number will be presented on Monday and the presenters should be with your posters. The posters with even number will be presented on Wednesday session and the presenters should be before your posters.

The size of poster board is 0.9m * 1.2m.

  1. Lixing You and Jingtao Liang.
    Superconducting nanowire single photon detection system for space quantum applications
  2. Jiaqiang Zhong, Wen Zhang, Yue Geng, Zheng Wang, Wei Miao, Qijun Yao and Sheng-Cai Shi.
    Progress in development of titanium transition-edge single-photon detectors
  3. Shuai Dong, Xin Yao, Sijing Chen, Weijun Zhang, Lixing You, Zhen Wang, Yidong Huang and Wei Zhang.
    True Single-Photon Stimulated Four Wave Mixing
  4. Xin Yao, Xu Liu and Wei Zhang.
    Quantum secure communication based on ghost imaging
  5. Mikolaj Lasota, Karolina Sedziak and Piotr Kolenderski.
    Optimal photon pairs for quantum communication
  6. Lev Vaidman, Xiao-Ye Xu and Chuan-Feng Li.
    Measurement of nonlocal variables
  7. Luca Rigovacca, Go Kato, Stefan Baeuml, Myungshik Kim, William Munro and Koji Azuma.
    Versatile relative entropy bounds for quantum networks
  8. Yicheng Shi, Janet Lim Zheng Jie, Hou Shun Poh, Peng Kian Tan, Amelia Tan, Alexander Ling and Christian Kurtsiefer.
    Spectral Measurement of Breakdown Flashes in InGaAs Avalanche Photodiodes
  9. Matthias Christandl, Roberto Ferrara and Cecilia Lancien Lancien.
    Random private quantum states
  10. Alexander Koehler-Sidki, James Dynes, Marco Lucamarini, George Roberts, Andrew Sharpe, Zhiliang Yuan and Andrew Shields.
    Intensity modulation as a preemptive measure against blinding of single-photon detectors based on self-differencing cancellation
  11. Daan Leermakers and Boris Škorić. Round Robin
    Differential Phase Shift QKD security proof
  12. Dave Touchette, Benjamin Lovitz and Norbert Lutkenhaus.
    Practical Quantum Appointment Scheduling
  13. Federico Grasselli, Hermann Kampermann and Dagmar Bruss.
    Finite-key effects in multi-partite quantum key distribution protocols
  14. Marcos Curty, Koji Azuma and Hoi-Kwong Lo.
    Simple security proof of twin-field type quantum key distribution protocol
  15. Ping Zhou, Shu-Xin Lv and Xian-Fang Jiao.
    Quantum controlled joint remote state preparation and quantum operation remote implementation
  16. Kunal Sharma, Mark M. Wilde, Sushovit Adhikari and Masahiro Takeoka.
    Bounding the energy-constrained quantum and private capacities of phase-insensitive Gaussian channels
  17. Haoyu Qi, Kunal Sharma and Mark M. Wilde.
    Entanglement-assisted private communication over quantum broadcast channels
  18. Yuyang Ding, Shuang Wang and Wei Chen.
    Polarization variations in installed fibers and their influence on quantum key distribution systems
  19. Shiyu Wang, Peng Huang, Tao Wang, Hongxin Ma and Guihua Zeng.
    Atmospheric Effects on Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution
  20. Peng Huang, Chao Wang and Guihua Zeng.
    Basis-encoding quantum key distribution using Gaussian-modulated coherent states
  21. Yali Mao, Zhi-Hao Ma, Rui-Bo Jin, Qichao Sun, Qiang Zhang, Jingyun Fan and Jianwei Pan.
    A study about the error and disturbance in quantum measurements: theory and experiment
  22. You-Qi Nie, Hongyi Zhou, Jian-Yu Guan, Qiang Zhang, Xiongfeng Ma, Jun Zhang and Jian-Wei Pan.
    Quantum randomness certified by coherence witness with untrusted measurement devices
  23. Heasin Ko, Byung-Seok Choi, Joong-Seon Choe, Kap-Joong Kim, Jong-Hoi Kim and Chun Ju Youn.
    High-speed and high-performance polarization-based quantum key distribution system without side channels of multiple lasers
  24. Zheng-Hong Li, M. Suhail Zubairy and M. Al-Amri.
    Achieving Security of Quantum Group Communication
  25. Filip Rozpedek, Kenneth Goodenough, Raja Yehia, Maximilian Ruf, Peter C. Humphreys, Ronald Hanson, Stephanie Wehner and David Elkouss.
    Near-term repeater experiment with NV centres: overcoming direct transmission limit
  26. Luca Calderaro, Costantino Agnesi, Daniele Dequal, Francesco Vedovato, Matteo Schiavon, Alberto Santamato, Vincenza Luceri, Giuseppe Bianco, Giuseppe Vallone and Paolo Villoresi.
    QKD for Global Navigation Satellite Systems: experimental feasibility study with a link of 20000 km
  27. Cheng Wu and Qiang Zhang.
    Random number generation with cosmic photons
  28. Fei Ma, Ming-Yang Zheng, Xiu-Ping Xie, Qiang Zhang and Jian-Wei Pan.
    1.3-μm-band Up-conversion Single-photon Detector based on Integrated PPLN Waveguides
  29. Anqi Huang, Alvaro Navarrete, Ruoping Li, Vladimir Egorov, Shi-Hai Sun, Poompong Chaiwongkhot, Marcos Curty and Vadim Makarov.
    Eve strikes back in the era of measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
  30. Mingyang Zheng, Fei Ma, Xiuping Xie, Qiang Zhang and Jianwei Pan.
    Dual-wavelength up-conversion single-photon detectors based on integrated PPLN waveguides
  31. Nicolo Lo Piparo, William Munro and Kae Nemoto.
    Single photon entanglement distribution scheme applied to a purification protocol
  32. Weiyang Zhang, Akihisa Tomita, Yu Kadosawa, Kuzihisa Ogawa and Atsushi Okamoto.
    State tomographic characterization of BB84 states generated by a Dual-Parallel Modulator
  33. Yanbao Zhang, Emanuel Knill, Honghao Fu and Peter Bierhorst.
    Quantum Probability Estimation for Randomness with Quantum Side Information
  34. Davide Rusca, Alberto Boaron, Fadri Grünenfelder, Anthony Martin and Hugo Zbinden.
    The 1-decoy state protocol: the best choice for practical QKD
  35. Miralem Mehic, Marcin Niemiec and Miroslav Voznak.
    Quantum Key Distribution Network Simulation Module
  36. Ehsan Ebrahimi, Tore Vincent Carstens, Dominique Unruh and Gelo Noel Tabia.
    On Quantum Indifferentiability
  37. Artur Gleim, Vladimir Egorov, Vladimir Chistiakov, Artur Vasiliev, Andrei Gaidash, Anton Kozubov, Semen Smirnov, Sergei Kynev, Nikita Buldakov, Oleg Sadov, Andrey Shevel, Sergei Khoruzhnikov, Oleg Bannik, Lenar Gilyazov, Konstantin Melnik, Narkis Arslanov, Ilnur Latypov, Sergei Moiseev, Xi-Cheng Zhang and Sergei Kozlov.
    Scalable QKD networks based on subcarrier wave architecture and software-defined paradigm: ITMO University initiative in Russian quantum networking
  38. Alexander Duplinsky, Evgeny Kiktenko, Nikolay Pozhar, Vladimir Kurochkin, Aleksey Fedorov and Yury Kurochkin.
    Industrial QKD with polarization states
  39. Hong-Xin Ma, Peng Huang, Dong-Yun Bai, Hai-Lun Yan, Shi-Yu Wang, Wan-Su Bao and Gui-Hua Zeng.
    Long distance continuous-variable measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with photon subtraction
  40. Yfke Dulek and Florian Speelman.
    Quantum ciphertext authentication and key recycling with the trap code
  41. Zhangchao Ma, Lei Sun and Jianquan Wang.
  42. Anu Unnikrishnan and Damian Markham.
    Authenticated teleportation under different trust settings
  43. Anne Ghesquiere and Ben Varcoe.
    Generating secrecy from the act of secrecy
  44. T.B.H. Tentrup, L.V. Amitonova, I.M. Vellekoop and P.W.H. Pinkse.
    High-dimensional quantum communication
  45. Alasdair Price, John Rarity and Chris Erven.
    Implementing Hybrid Quantum-Postquantum Security in a Prototype Network
  46. Damian Markham and Alexandra Krause.
    A simple protocol for certifying graph states and applications in quantum networks
  47. Shihan Sajeed and Hoi-Kwong Lo.
    Necessary criteria for quantum secure direct communication and how to achieve them
  48. Élie Gouzien, Bruno Fedrici, Alessandro Zavatta, Sébastien Tanzilli and Virginia D’Auria.
    POVM description of single photon ON/OFF detectors including timing-jitter effects
  49. Nitin Jain, Hou-Man Chin, Dino Solar Nikolic, Arne Kordts, Darko Zibar, Tobias Gehring and Ulrik Andersen.
    Highly flexible continuous-variable quantum cryptographic transmitter using pilot tones and integrated quantum random number generator
  50. Victoria Lipinska, Gláucia Murta and Stephanie Wehner.
    Anonymous transmission in a quantum network using the W state
  51. Peter Freiwang, Qube-Consortium – Zft, Qube-Consortium – Dlr Ikn, Qube-Consortium – Mpl, Qube-Consortium – Ohb, Wenjamin Rosenfeld and Harald Weinfurter.
    Quantum Key Distribution with Small Satellites
  52. Shengjun Ren, Rupesh Kumar, Adrian Wonfor, Xinke Tang, Richard Penty and Ian White.
    Reference pulse attack on a trusted phase noise CV-QKD system using a local local oscillator
  53. Jean-Charles Faugère, Kelsey Horan, Delaram Kahrobaei, Marc Kaplan, Elham Kashefi and Ludovic Perret.
    Fast Quantum Algorithms for Solving Multivariate Quadratic Equations over Finite Fields
  54. Andy Hart, Henry Semenenko, Stefan Frick, Chris Erven, David Lowndes, Philip Sibson, Mark Thompson and John Rarity.
    Small Form Factor, Low Cost Electronics for Chip Scale and Handheld Quantum Key Distribution Systems
  55. Yupeng Gong, Rupesh Kumar, Adrian Wonfor, Richard Penty and Ian White.
    Quantum alarm: a novel approach to monitor the physical security of optical transport networks
  56. Chenyang Li, Marcos Curty, Feihu Xu, Olinka Bedroya and Hoi-Kwong Lo.
    Post-selection technique against phase and polarization dependent loss in quantum communication
  57. Yulin Zheng, Jiakun He, Wei Geng and Yunchuan Kong.
    Photon-pair characterization using a single SPD by detector time-multiplexing
  58. Hao Qin, Jan Gulla, Anqi Huang and Vadim Makarov.
    Security vulnerabilities of trusted noise detector model in continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  59. Zheshen Zhang, Changchen Chen, Quntao Zhuang, Jane Heyes, Franco Wong and Jeffrey Shapiro.
    Experimental Quantum Key Distribution at 1.3 Gbit/s Secret-Key Rate over a 10-dB-Loss Channel
  60. Mark Um, Qi Zhao, Pengfei Wang, Ye Wang and Kihwan Kim.
    Randomness certification by quantum contextuality in a trapped ion
  61. Toshihiko Sasaki, Tatsuya Sumiya and Masato Koashi.
    Feedforward attack in decoy-state quantum key distribution
  62. Vladyslav Usenko, Ivan Derkach, Laszlo Ruppert and Radim Filip.
    Enhanced free-space continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  63. Nicola Biagi, Luca Costanzo, Marco Bellini and Alessandro Zavatta.
    Entanglement of macroscopic light states via delocalized single photon addition
  64. Yingqiu Mao, Bi-Xiao Wang, Chunxu Zhao, Guangquan Wang, Ruichun Wang, Honghai Wang, Fei Zhou, Jimin Nie, Qing Chen, Yong Zhao, Qiang Zhang, Jun Zhang, Teng-Yun Chen and Jian-Wei Pan.
    Integrating quantum key distribution with classical communications in backbone fiber network
  65. Laszlo Gyongyosi.
    Post-Processing Optimization for Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution
  66. Dongyun Bai, Peng Huang, Hongxin Ma, Tao Wang, Tailong Xiao and Guihua Zeng.
    Finite-size analysis of continuous-variable quantum key distribution using a nondeterministic noiseless linear amplifier under realistic conditions
  67. Yang Meng.
    Spaceborne low-noise Si APD single photon detectors
  68. Yangyang Fei, Xiangdong Meng, Ming Gao, Hong Wang and Zhi Ma.
    Focus on the Calibration of Practical QKD Systems —Quantum Man-in-the-middle Attack and the Corresponding Security Analysis
  69. Xiao Duan, Tim Edwards, Rupesh Kumar, Helmut Griesser, Andrew Straw, Adrian Wonfor, Catherine White, Andrew Lord and Timothy Spiller.
    Hybrid Manager for QKD Network
  70. Weilong Wang and Marcos Curty.
    Finite-key security analysis of measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with leaky sources
  71. Xuyang Wang, Wenyuan Liu, Shenshen Yang, Pu Wang and Yongmin Li.
    Unidimensional continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  72. Yuan Li, Peng Huang and Guihua Zeng.
    A Denial-of-Service attack on fiber-based Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution
  73. Carlo Liorni, Hermann Kampermann and Dagmar Bruß.
    Satellite-based quantum links for QKD: beam effects and weather dependence
  74. Dengwen Li, Peng Huang and Guihua Zeng.
    A Memory-saving Scheme of Privacy Amplification Algorithm for Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution
  75. Hongwei Liu, Jipeng Wang, Shi-Hai Sun and Haiqiang Ma.
    Reference-frame-independent measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution based on polarization multiplexing
  76. Haitao Zhang, Jun Yang, Jason Allen Brown, Thomas D. Ketcham, Stuart Gray and Daniel A. Nolan.
    Synthesis of Er3+ Doped Y2O3 Transparent Ceramics for Quantum Optical Memory Studies
  77. Juhwan Yoon Yoon, Tanumoy Pramanik, Byung Kwon Park, Min-Sung Kang, Sang Wook Han, Sangin Kim, Yong-Su Kim and Sung Moon.
    Experimental analysis of Reference-Frame-Independent QKD between moving parties via free-space quantum channel
  78. Daniel Alsina Leal and Mohsen Razavi.
    Quantum repeaters with optimal encoding from absolutely maximally entangled states
  79. Jeong Woon Choi.
    A new-comer in Quantum Random World
  80. Tobias Eriksson, Takuya Hirano, Georg Rademacher, Benjamin Puttnam, Ruben Luís, Mikio Fujiwara, Ryo Namiki, Ken-Ichiro Yoshino, Akio Tajima, Yoshinari Awaji, Masahiro Takeoka, Naoya Wada and Masahide Sasaki.
    Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution Multiplexed with Classical Channels
  81. Akira Murakami, Mamiko Kujiraoka, Doi Kazuaki, Ririka Takahashi, Alexander R. Dixon, Yoshimichi Tanizawa, Hideaki Sato, Zhiliang Yuan, Alan Plews, Winci Tam, Andrew Sharpe, Evan Lavelle, James Dynes, Marco Lucamarini, Andrew Shields, Tomoaki Chiba, Takako Takai-Igarashi, Fuji Nagami and Masao Nagasaki.
    Field trial of a high-secure-key-rate QKD system
  82. Nedasadat Hosseinidehaj, Nathan Walk and Timothy Ralph.
    Restricted memory attacks in continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  83. Víctor Castrillo and Marcos Curty.
    Performance evaluation of practical device-independent quantum key distribution
  84. Alena Ivanova, Sergey Chivilikhin and Artur Gleim.
    Fiber quantum random number generator, based on quantum nature of vacuum fluctuations
  85. Ernest Y.-Z. Tan and Renato Renner.
    Bounds on device-independent advantage distillation in the IID scenario
  86. Ken-Ichiro Yoshino and Akio Tajima.
    Development of practical post-processing board connecting random number generators and QKD system
  87. Margarida Pereira, Marcos Curty and Kiyoshi Tamaki.
    Loss-tolerant quantum cryptography with leaky sources
  88. Giulio Gianfelici, Hermann Kampermann and Dagmar Bruß.
    A theoretical framework for QR-PUFs
  89. Yixin Shen, Phong Q. Nguyen and Yoshinori Aono.
    Quantum Lattice Enumeration
  90. Nilesh Vyas and Romain Alléaume.
    Quantum Computational Hybrid Cryptography
  91. Ziyang Chen, Yichen Zhang, Gan Wang, Zhengyu Li and Hong Guo.
    CV-MDI QKD with squeezed states based on uncertainty principle
  92. Hyunchae Chun, David Lowndes and Iris Choi.
    Miniaturised Hand-held Quantum Key Distribution System with Tracking Capability
  93. Zi-Heng Xiang, Jan Huwer, R. Mark Stevenson, Joanna Skiba-Szymanska, Martin Ward, Ian Farrer, David Ritchie and Andrew Shields.
    Field trial of transmitting polarisation entangled photons from a quantum dot
  94. George Roberts, Mirko Pittaluga, Mariella Minder, James F. Dynes, Zhiliang Yuan, Marco Lucamarini and Andrew J. Shields.
    Patterning-effect-free intensity modulator for decoy-state quantum key distribution
  95. Yoshimichi Tanizawa, Ririka Takahashi, Alexander Dixon, Hideaki Sato, James Dynes, Joo Cho and Andrew Shields.
    A REST API for QKD key delivery: performance, integration, and phase-in approach
  96. Rupesh Kumar, Adrian Wonfor, Richard Penty and Ian White.
    Experimental Demonstration of Simultaneous Quantum and Classical Coherent Communication using a Single Wavelength Channel
  97. Chitra Shukla and Gui Lu Long.
    Quantum secure direct communication: Different versions lead to practical applications
  98. Róbert Trényi and Norbert Lütkenhaus.
    Beating direct transmission bounds for quantum key distribution with a multiple quantum memory station
  99. Jie Lin and Norbert Lütkenhaus.
    A simple security proof of twin-field quantum key distribution
  100. Joo Cho and Yoshimichi Tanizawa.
    Secure Key Delivery for QKD-Integrated Optical Communication
  101. Michael Hentschel, Ian Glendinning, Bernhard Ömer, Chi-Hang Fred Fung, Momtchil Peev and Christoph Pacher.
    GPU Implementation of LDPC Decoder for CV-QKD
  102. Nikolai Dema, Kirill Artemov, Artur Vasiliev, Vladimir Chistyakov, Artur Gleim, Sergei Kolyubin and Vladimir Egorov.
    Securing the control channel of a moving robot with quantum key distribution
  103. Dmitry Kronberg, Anastasia Nikolaeva, Yury Kurochkin and Alexey Fedorov.
    Eavesdropping strategy for Coherent One-Way protocol based on soft filtering operation
  104. Nina Tadza, Rupesh Kumar, Adrian Wonfor, Richard Penty and Ian White.
    Adaptive Forward Error Correcting Design for Faster PostProcessing in Practical CV-QKD systems
  105. Nina Tadza, Rupesh Kumar, Adrian Wonfor, Richard Penty and Ian White.
    Equalization Technique of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Methods in Quantum Coherent Communications
  106. Tao Wang, Peng Huang, Shiyu Wang, Hongxin Ma, Dongyun Bai and Guihua Zeng.
    Carrier phase estimation for simultaneous quantum and classical communication without any phase reference
  107. Peter Brown, Sammy Ragy and Roger Colbeck.
    An adaptive framework for quantum-secure device-independent randomness expansion
  108. Timo Holz, Hermann Kampermann and Dagmar Bruss.
    Secret-key rates for device-independent QKD beyond CHSH violation
  109. Xingyu Zhou, Chunhui Zhang, Chunmei Zhang and Qin Wang.
    Obtaining better performance in the measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with heralded single-photon sources
  110. Chun-Hui Zhang, Dong Wang, Chun-Mei Zhang and Qin Wang.
    A simple scheme for realizing the passive decoy-state quantum key distribution
  111. Yoshiaki Tsujimoto, Kentaro Wakui, Mikio Fujiwara, Kazuhiro Hayasaka, Shigehito Miki, Hirotaka Terai, Masahide Sasaki and Masahiro Takeoka.
    Optimal conditions for Bell test using a spontaneous parametric down-conversion source
  112. Xing-Yang Cui, Qi Shen, Mei-Chen Yan, Tao Yuan, Chao Zeng, Wen-Zhuo Zhang, Xing-Can Yao, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Xiao Jiang, Yu-Ao Chen and Jian-Wei Pan.
    Second-harmonic generation of 671 nm laser with high efficiency in an external ring cavity
  113. Luca Mazzarella, Christopher Lowe, David Lowndes, Steve Greenland, Steven Owens, Hina Khan, Malcolm Macdonald, John Rarity and Daniel Oi.
    Quantum Research CubeSat (QUARC)
  114. Luca Mazzarella and John Jeffers.
    A Learning Scheme with Coherent State Amplification
  115. Andrei Gaidash, Vladimir Chistyakov, Anton Kozubov, Artur Gleim and George Miroshnichenko.
    Modulation index decoy states protocol for subcarrier wave quantum key distribution system
  116. Anton Kozubov, Andrei Gaidash, Artur Gleim and George Miroshnichenko.
    Finite-key analysis for subcarrier wave quantum key distribution
  117. Anton Losev, Vladimir Zavodilenko and Yuri Kurochkin.
    312.5 MHz sine-wave gated single photon detector with active quenching circuits: the investigation of dependence of the afterpulsing probability from the circuit design
  118. Yumang Jing and Mohsen Razavi.
    Resource analysis of future quantum repeater networks
  119. Vladimir Chistiakov, Andrei Gaidash, Anton Kozubov, Vladimir Egorov, Artur Gleim and George Miroshnichenko.
    Precise overestimation of quantum bit error rate to minimize failure probability of low density parity check error correction
  120. Min-Sung Kang, Chang-Ho Hong, Yong-Su Kim, Sang-Wook Han and Sung Moon.
    Quantum Network Entity Authentication with a Blind Third Party
  121. Haeun Kim, Hojoong Park, Ju-Sung Kang, Yongjin Yeom, Byung Kwon Park, Min-Sung Kang, Sang-Wook Han and Sung Moon.
    Entity Authentication Scheme for One-to-Many Quantum Key Distribution System Based on BB84 Protocol
  122. Juan Xu, Jiabin Yuan, Jihao Fan and Dan Li.
    Selection of Unitary Operations in Quantum Secret Sharing Protocols Without Entanglement
  123. Byung Kwon Park, Min-Sung Kang, Min Ki Woo, Min Soo Lee, Sang-Wook Han and Sung Moon.
    1×4 Quantum Key Distribution Access Network in Metropolitan Area
  124. Yanyan Feng, Ronghua Shi and Ying Guo.
    Quantum Byzantine Agreement with Continuous Variable GHZ-like States
  125. Xiaoqing Zhong, Li Qian and Hoi-Kwong Lo.
    Efficient quantum fingerprinting with wavelength division multiplexing
  126. Wei Zhao, Ying Guo, Hai Zhong, Ling Zhang and Duan Huang.
    Phase Noise Estimation and Suppression for Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution
  127. Xinchao Ruan, Hang Zhang, Ying Guo, Ling Zhang and Duan Huang.
    Plug-and-play unidimensional continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  128. Di Jin, Ying Guo, Ling Zhang and Duan Huang.
    Continuous-variable quantum key distribution using orbital angular momenta
  129. Minglu Cai, Zihang Zhou, Jian Zhou, Ying Guo, Ling Zhang and Duan Huang.
    Differential-phase-shift continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  130. Fei Li, Jian Zhou, Yanyan Feng, Ronghua Shi and Ying Guo.
    Noise effects on entanglement distribution by separable Gaussian states
  131. Yiyu Mao, Yijun Wang, Ying Guo, Ling Zhang and Duan Huang.
    Continuous-variable quantum key distribution based on optical frequency comb
  132. Fabian Laudenbach, Bernhard Schrenk, Christoph Pacher, Philip Walther and Hannes Hübel.
    First Continuous Quadrature Modulation for Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution
  133. Peng Liu, Hang Zhang, Ying Guo, Ling Zhang and Duan Huang.
    Blind modulation format identification based on machine learning for continuous variable quantum key distribution
  134. Sammy Ragy, Peter Brown and Roger Colbeck.
    Feasibility of device-independent randomness expansion
  135. Henry Semenenko, Philip Sibson, Chris Erven and Mark Thompson.
    Integrated Photonic Devices for Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution
  136. Oliver Maurhart, Michael Hentschel, Ian Glendinning and Christoph Pacher.
    QKD Post Processing in OpenCL Built on Top of the Open Source AIT QKD Software R10
  137. Hua Wang, Yongli Zhao, Xiaosong Yu and Jie Zhang.
    Filling Schemes for Quantum Key Pools in Optical Networks Secured by Quantum Key Distribution under Single Failure
  138. Anurag Anshu, Rahul Jain and Alexander Streltsov.
    Quantum state redistribution with local coherence
  139. Fabian Laudenbach, Sophie Zeiger, Bernhard Schrenk, Christoph Pacher and Hannes Hübel.
    A 42 GHz clock-rate source for entangled telecom photons
  140. Zhe He, Yu Su, Ling Zhang, Ying Guo, Guihua Zeng and Duan Huang.
    Compressive sensing based channel parameter estimation for continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  141. Evgeniy Kiktenko, Andrey Koziy and Aleksey Fedorov.
    Employing quantum cryptography for providing Byzantine fault tolerance
  142. Guillermo Curras Lorenzo and Mohsen Razavi.
    Finite-key analysis for memory-assisted decoy-state quantum key distribution
  143. Karol Horodecki and Maciej Stankiewicz.
    Quantum money with verification by untrusted measurement devices
  144. Hossein Mani, Tobias Gehring, Christoph Pacher and Ulrik Lund Andersen.
    An Approximation Method for Analysis and Design of Multi-Edge Type LDPC Codes
  145. Vicente Martin-Ayuso, Alejandro Aguado, Diego Lopez, Momtchil Peev, Victor Lopez, Antonio Pastor, Andreas Poppe, Hans Brunner, Stefano Bettelli, Fred Fung, David Hillerkuss, Lucian Comandar and Dawei Wang.
    The Madrid SDN-QKD Network
  146. Luis Trigo Vidarte, Mauro Persechino, Eleni Diamanti and Philippe Grangier.
    Correlations with on-chip detection for continuous-variable QKD
  147. Vicente Martin-Ayuso, Alejandro Aguado, Diego Lopez, Victor Lopez-Alvarez, Antonio Pastor, Momtchil Peev, Andreas Poppe, Hans H. Brunner, Stefano Bettelli and Fred Fung.
    Secure Critical Infrastructures via QKD: the Madrid QKD Network
  148. Daniele Dequal, Eleni Diamanti and Luis Trigo Vidarte.
    Feasibility study of satellite continuous-variable QKD
  149. Poompong Chaiwongkhot, Katanya B. Kuntz, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, Norbert Lutkenhaus, Vadim Makarov and Thomas Jennewein.
    Generalized spatial-mode detection eciency mismatch in a free-space QKD system with Zernike polynomials
  150. Alexander Duplinskiy, Vasiliy Ustimchik, Alan Kanapin, Vladimir Kurochkin and Yury Kurochkin.
    States preparation and calibration for polarization encoding QKD scheme
  151. Anqi Huang, Ruoping Li, Serguei Tchouragoulov, Vladimir Egorov and Vadim Makarov.
    Laser damage attack against optical attenuators in quantum key distribution
  152. Osama Elmabrok, Sima Bahrani, Guillermo Curras Lorenzo and Mohsen Razavi.
    Finite-Key Analysis for Quantum-Classical Access Networks with Hybrid Links
  153. Hao Qin, Haoze Chen and Jimin Nie.
    Performance analysis of satellite-based quantum key distribution