Submissions for contributed talks and posters are already closed.
The revisions of the extended abstract for accepted talks and posters are possible through EasyChair until August 21.

Poster presenters: please follow the instuction below.

Also, the submission for the hot topic session is now open.
Visit Hot Topic Submissions for more information.


Important dates:

Submission of talks deadline: April 27
Notification of acceptance for talks: June 22
Notification of acceptance for early poster submissions*: June 22
Submission of posters deadline: June 29
Notification of acceptance for posters: July 13
*For posters submitted before April 27, its acceptance will be notified on June 22.


Instruction for submission:

Submissions of abstracts for contributed papers are sought in both theoretical as well as experimental quantum cryptography and related fields. We encourage submissions from related areas such as non-locality and information theory. The submission to QCrypt should include:

*Author information
*(At least three) Keywords
*”Extended Abstract” in PDF format

Submissions are managed by the EasyChair system (as was in QCrypt 2014).


“Extended Abstract”
An Extended Abstract should be 2-3 pages in A4 or letter size and can be in an arbitrary style in PDF. It should describe a non-technical, clear and insightful description of the results and main ideas, their impact, and their importance to quantum cryptography.  Technical details can be referred in the Extended Abstract (such as citing arXiv papers) or provided as an attachment. This is strongly recommended for theory submissions to help the peer reviewing process. The Extended Abstract should not be a compressed version of the technical exposition of the paper.  For “Poster only” submission, a one-page non-technical PDF is sufficient as the Extended Abstract.

There will be no proceedings published from QCrypt2015, and the submission to QCrypt2015 does not prevent authors to submit the material to other conferences and journals.

Upload the file from EasyChair system using “Upload Paper” section at the bottom of the page.

This year we plan to post the Extended Abstract of the accepted paper on the website program to increase participant’s convenience (not meaning to “publish” it from QCrypt). This is not mandatory but we strongly recommend it.

* After the notification of the acceptance, the authors will have an opportunity to update their “Extended Abstract” prior to posting.
* If you DO NOT wish to post your abstract, tick the “Opt-out of posting your Extended Abstract on the QCrypt2015 webpage” checkbox in the EasyChair submission page.

[2015 4. 22] Please note that we made a little modification in explaining “Extended Abstract” in order to clarify what you should bare in mind when you prepare and submit your abstract. Although the expression has been modified, there is no change in deadlines and submission processes that you should follow.


Presentation style
Also in “Title and Abstract” section, select which presentation your submission is intended for:

•Talk or else Poster — If your paper is not accepted as a talk, it will be automatically considered as a poster submission.
•Talk only
•Poster only


Best Student submission award
If you are eligible for the best student submission award, check “Eligible for the best student submission award” checkbox in the “Other Information” section.

To be eligible for the student paper award:
1. The main author of your submission has to be a student.
2. Your submission has to be accepted.


For Poster Presenters:
The Poster Session will be held on Tuesday, September 29, 16:15-18:00 at 2F, Conference Rooms 1-4.

Each poster presenter will be provided a poster panel of dimensions 210cm high x 90cm wide. When preparing your poster, please note that the poster numbers will be shown on a 20cm x 20cm card which will be posted at a left upper side of the panel.

Poster panels will be available for setting from 16:00 on September 27. Poster presenters are expected to have their posters displayed by the beginning of the session, and be available to discuss their poster for the duration of the session.

If you want to keep your poster, you must take it with you between 16:00-18:00 on October 2.
Any posters remaining after the period will be discarded.


If you are ready…