General Schedule

Running time for the talks is as follows:
Regular: 17 minutes plus 3 minutes questions*
Invited: 30 minutes plus 5 minutes questions
Tutorial: 70 minutes plus 5 minutes questions

* There are exceptions and the concerned speakers have been advised.

Changes of schedule since the brochure has been printed are indicated in red.

Sunday, 25 August 2019



Sunday Evening: Opening reception

Monday, 26 August 2019

Monday Morning
Session Chair: Gilles Brassard
9:00TutorialNorbert LütkenhausImplementation security of QKD

Session Chair: Hugo Zbinden
10:45InvitedRonald HansonQuantum networks of diamond spins

11:20ContributedGayane Vardoyan, Saikat Guha, Philippe Nain and Don Towsley.On the capacity region of bipartite and tripartite entanglement switching and key distribution

11:40ContributedDaniel Llewellyn, Caterina Vigliar, Benjamin Slater, Beatrice Da Lio, Stefano Paesani, Jorge Barreto, Dondu Sahin, Massimo Borghi, John G. Rarity, Leif K. Oxenløwe, Karsten Rottwitt, Jianwei Wang, Yunhong Ding, Mark G. Thompson and Davide Bacco.High-dimensional chip-to-chip entanglement distribution through multicore fibre

Monday Afternoon
Session Chair: Tobias Gehring
13:30InvitedJigang RenQKD based on satellite-ground entanglement distribution

14:05ContributedMarco Avesani, Luca Calderaro, Matteo Schiavon, Costantino Agnesi, Alberto Santamato, Andrea Stanco, Mujtaba Zahidy, Alessia Scriminich, Giulio Foletto, Giampiero Contestabile, Marco Chiesa, Alessandro Nottola, Davide Rotta, Stefano Tirelli, Massimo Artiglia, Alberto Montanaro, Marco Romagnoli, Vito Sorianello, Daniele Dequal, Giuseppe Bianco, Claudia Facchinetti, Alberto Tuozzi, Francesco Vedovato, Giuseppe Vallone and Paolo Villoresi.QCoSOne: A chip-based prototype for daylight free-space QKD at telecom wavelength for future satellite optical payloads

14:25ContributedHenry Semenenko, Philip Sibson, Andy Hart, Mark Thompson and Chris Erven.Chip-based measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution

14:45ContributedTobias Eriksson, Takuya Hirano, Benjamin Puttnam, Georg Rademacher, Ruben Luís, Mikio Fujiwara, Ryo Namiki, Yoshinari Awaji, Masahiro Takeoka, Naoya Wada and Masahide Sasaki. Continuous variable quantum key distribution multiplexed with high throughput coherent channels

Session Chair: Anthony Leverrier
15:35ContributedIgnatius William Primaatmaja, Emilien Lavie, Koon Tong Goh, Chao Wang and Charles Ci Wen Lim.Almost-tight and versatile security analysis of measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution

15:55ContributedNorbert Lütkenhaus, Ashutosh Marwah and Dave Touchette.

This talk was originally scheduled at 16:15.
Erasable bit commitment from temporary quantum trust

16:15-16:35ContributedNiraj Kumar, Iordanis Kerenidis and Eleni Diamanti.

This talk will be shifted to Friday provided the first author manages to obtain a visa to travel to Canada.
Experimental demonstration of quantum advantage for one-way communication complexity with application in construction of robust quantum money

16:45-18:45Poster Session (mostly odd-numbered posters)
Monday Evening
19:00-20:15±15Public LectureMichele Mosca

Building a more secure quantum future

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Tuesday Morning
Session Chair: Norbert Lutkenhaus
9:00TutorialRotem Arnon-FriedmanDI-QKD and DI-QRNG, discussing security proofs and practical challenges

Session Chair: Alexandru Gheorghiu
10:45InvitedEneet KaurFundamental limits on key rates in DI-QKD

11:20ContributedRené Schwonnek, Ernest Y.-Z. Tan, Ramona Wolf, Koon Tong Goh and Charles C.-W. Lim.A numerical method for computing reliable secret key rates for device-independent quantum key distribution

11:40ContributedAlex Bredariol Grilo.A simple protocol for verifiable delegation of quantum computation in one round

12:00-12:20ContributedRotem Arnon-Friedman and Jean-Daniel Bancal. Device-independent certification of one-shot distillable entanglement

12:30Group Photo

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Wednesday Morning
Session Chair: Alex Grilo
9:00TutorialFang SongZero-knowledge proofs meet quantum computing

Session Chair: Anne Broadbent
10:45InvitedZvika BrakerskiQuantum fully homomorphic encryption

11:20ContributedThomas Vidick and Tina Zhang.Classical zero-knowledge arguments for quantum computations

11:40ContributedAlex Bredariol Grilo, William Slofstra and Henry Yuen.Perfect zero knowledge for quantum multiprover interactive proofs

Wednesday Afternoon
Session Chair: Charles Lim Wen
13:30InvitedStefanie BarzSecure computing with classical and quantum resources

14:05ContributedKento Maeda, Toshihiko Sasaki and Masato Koashi.Operator dominance method: a simple monitoring scheme of a TF-type QKD in finite-size regime

14:25ContributedMariella Minder, Mirko Pittaluga, George L. Roberts, Marco Lucamarini, James F. Dynes, Zhiliang Yuan and Andrew J. Shields.

This talk was originally scheduled at 14:40.
Experimental twin field quantum key distribution beyond the repeaterless secret key capacity bound

14:45ContributedXiaoqing Zhong, Jianyong Hu, Marcos Curty, Li Qian and Hoi-Kwong Lo.

This talk was originally scheduled at 14:55.
Proof-of-principle experimental demonstration of twin-field type quantum key distribution
14:55ContributedYang Liu, Zong-Wen Yu, Weijun Zhang, Jian-Yu Guan, Jiu-Peng Chen, Chi Zhang, Xiao-Long Hu, Hao Li, Teng-Yun Chen, Lixing You, Zhen Wang, Xiang-Bin Wang, Qiang Zhang and Jian-Wei Pan.

This talk is cancelled due to the inability of the authors to obtain a visa to travel to Canada (not their fault!).
Experimental Twin-field quantum key distribution through sending-or-not-sending

Session Chair: Christopher Portmann
15:40ContributedAnne Broadbent and Sébastien Lord.Uncloneable quantum encryption via oracles

16:00ContributedMarie-Christine Roehsner, Joshua Kettlewell, Tiago Batalhao, Joseph Fitzsimons and Philip Walther.

This talk was originally scheduled at 16:20.
Quantum advantage for probabilistic one-time programs

16:20-16:40ContributedMyrto Arapinis, Mahshid Delavar, Mina Doosti and Elham Kashefi.

This talk was originally scheduled at 16:00.
Security analysis of quantum physical unclonable functions

16:45-18:45Poster Session (mostly even-numbered posters)
Wednesday Evening
19:15Banquet with the special participation of illusionist Luc Langevin
Salle belvédère du Centre des sciences de Montréal

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Thursday Morning
Session Chair: Elham Kashefi
9:00TutorialManfred LochterPractical Quantum Security: A user perspective

Session Chair: Frédéric Dupuis
10:45InvitedMark L. ZhandryQuantum techniques in post-quantum crypto

11:20ContributedYanbao Zhang, Honghao Fu, Krister Shalm, Joshua Bienfang, Martin Stevens, Michael Mazurek, Sae Woo Nam, Carlos Abellan, Waldimar Amaya, Morgan Mitchell, Carl Miller, Alan Mink and Emanuel Knill.Efficient randomness certification by quantum probability estimation

11:40ContributedDavide Rusca, Thomas van Himbeeck, Anthony Martin, Jonatan Bohr Brask, Hamid Tebyanian, Stefano Pironio, Nicolas Brunner and Hugo Zbinden.
**merged with**
Thomas Van Himbeeck and Stefano Pironio.
Fast and practical implementation of self-testing QRNG based on an energy bound

**merged with**
Correlations and randomness generation based on an energy constraint

Thursday Afternoon
Session Chair: Mohsen Razavi
13:30InvitedZhiliang Yuan10~Mb/s quantum key distribution

14:05Industry Session, including 30 min break
16:45Business Meeting and
Prize Ceremony
Thursday Evening
19:00Rump Session organized by Anne Broadbent
(cold food and drinks are available during the session)

Friday, 30 August 2019

Friday Morning
Session Chair: Louis Salvail
9:00InvitedGorjan AlagicCan you sign a quantum state?

9:35ContributedJelle Don, Serge Fehr, Christian Majenz and Christian Schaffner.Security of the Fiat-Shamir transformation in the quantum random-oracle model

9:55ContributedFabio Banfi, Ueli Maurer, Christopher Portmann and Jiamin Zhu. Composable and finite computational security of quantum message transmission

Session Chair: Marc Kaplan
10:45ContributedJan Czajkowski, Christian Majenz, Christian Schaffner and Sebastian Zur.Quantum lazy sampling and game-playing proofs for quantum indifferentiability

11:05ContributedAlexandru Gheorghiu and Thomas Vidick. Computationally-secure and composable remote state preparation
11:25ContributedChristian Majenz, Christian Schaffner and Jeroen van Wier. Non-malleability for quantum public-key encryption

11:45ContributedNiraj Kumar, Iordanis Kerenidis and Eleni Diamanti.

This talk was originally scheduled at 15:55 on Monday.

Experimental demonstration of quantum advantage for one-way communication complexity with application in construction of robust quantum money

12:05End of Conference